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Sprocket Central Pty Ltd, a medium size bikes & cycling accessories organization needs help with its customer and transactions data. The organization has a large dataset relating to its customers, but their team is unsure how to effectively analyze it to help optimize its marketing strategy. The goal of this project is to identify ways to effectively analyze the datasets and if correctly analyzed, the data would reveal useful customer insights which could help optimize resource allocation for targeted marketing. Hence, improve performance by focusing on high value customers.


MS Excel Power Pivot, Power Query, PowerPoint


Using the existing customer list, a list of high valued customers to target was recommended from a list of potential 1000 customers.

There are 3 phases involved in the project.

Phase 1: Data Quality Assessment

Assessment of data quality and completeness in preparation for analysis.
This involved identifying the discrepancies in the dataset and strategies to improve the quality of data.

  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Analytical Dashboard Creation

Phase 2: Data Insights

To gather insights about potential high valued customers by analyzing the existing customer dataset to determine past customer trends and behavior. This helps to identify high valued customers to target based on previous product related purchases, demographic, job industry, wealth segment, age, etc

  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Data Driven Presentations: Data Exploration, Model Development, and Interpretations

Phase 3: Data Presentation

Using visualizations to present insights and findings in dashboard formats.

  • Data Dashboards
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentations

Screenshot of Top Customers to be targeted on New Customer List


HR Dashboard

Excel Power Query, DAX, Power Pivot.

Maven Market Grocery Business Dashboard in PowerBI

Power BI

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